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What is ZeppelinOS?

ZeppelinOS is a development platform built that allows developers to utilize community-approved EVM packages, get constant upgrades/patches on dependencies, and enables easier smart contract upgrades.
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Who should use ZeppelinOS?

Developers mainly, those who wish to:

  • Easily upgrade their smart contracts.
  • Create, maintain, or use EVM packages.
  • Ensure their smart contracts and its dependencies are secure.
  • Be rewarded for auditing and developing packages.

How does ZeppelinOS make upgrading my smart contracts easier?

ZeppelinOS utilizes the Proxy Pattern for upgrading contracts, you can read more about it here and here. This allows smart contracts to have the same address, maintain readability, and update in case of security flaws or feature additions.
While ZeppelinOS handles most of the heavy duty work, there are some upgrade patterns you will need to follow. One notable feature is how ZEP token holders can vouch for new versions of contracts in order to keep the contract trustless.

How do EVM packages work?

EVM packages are upgradeable smart contracts deployed to the network that are designed to be linked to and reused, instead of wasting resources in being deployed to the network by every developer. If you’d like to get started with EVM packages, here are the docs.
You can also read more into how they work here.

How do I deploy my smart contract with ZeppelinOS?

How can I migrate my currently deployed ERC20 to ZeppelinOS?

What are the possible commands for the ZeppelinOS CLI tool?

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