Are their any plans to create Operators for ERC777?


ERC777 introduces the concept of Operators, which creates a whole new world of possibilities for managing how/who/when a user’s tokens are transferred. Are there any plans to implement a standards library for operators? I could imaging generic examples for subscriptions for example, or off-chain verification via signing.


Yes! Totally.

The subscription operator sounds very interesting. Were you thinking of these as default operators, or operators that each user could register for themselves?

I was also thinking we could provide send/receive hooks that people could use. But these sounds like they will be less generic so I’m not sure if they’ll really be a good fit for OpenZeppelin.

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@Dennison could you expand a bit on the subscription example? Off-chain signing sounds great, though we’d have to include some sort of nonce to prevent replay attacks.

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The most useful operator for us is an operator which allows to collect deposits from many different accounts in one go without the accounts paying gas as described here:
The bulk send + etherless transfer. This is very useful for a system with different deposit addresses for each user like crypto exchanges.
Maybe should take those and extend/improve them:

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However the idea of operators from what I understood is not only to have a common code in open zeppelin but to DEPLOY a common library and use it from different contracts. So the question is if OpenZeppelin will also deploy a common implementation.

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Hm, interesting! I don’t think we’ve considered this, though it could certainly be possible. We’d have to think of a way to distribute these addresses, among other things.

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