Badges in the forum


I :heart: Badges in the forum.

Did you know that you can see all the available badges?

The ones that you hold show a green tick in the top left hand corner and the number of community members who have the badge is shown in the top right.

I am planning to collect as many as I can. :smiley:


Heheh I already earned a few of them. I’d like to know which ones should we keep and which should we create.

What kind of behaviors do we want to promote?

I summon the ones who got the bronze badge to see what they think @paulinablaszk, @scammi, @obernardovieira, @frederickalcantara, @jaureguino, @chris.whinfrey, @ianbrtt, @pllearns :slight_smile:


wow, cool. Didn’t knew that I can see them all.
Since I joined this forum that I think the badges are something really awesome. Makes you feel really welcome. I think the ones that exist, should keep existing. If I have a new idea for a new one, I will say something.


I agree with @obernardovieira!

What about “Contributor”?


@jaureguino do you mean contributor to OpenZeppelin/ZeppelinOS?

I like the idea of badges for providing answers that are marked as the solution to questions in support. This would help recognize awesome community members.
Something like first solve (bronze), solver for ten solves (silver), expert solver for 50 (gold).
Similar to the existing badges: Nice Reply 10 likes, Good Reply 25 likes and Great Reply 50 likes.


Love the ideas @jaureguino @abcoathup! To expand on @abcoathup’s idea maybe there could be badges for asking good questions as well.


@chris.whinfrey I like the idea of a good question badge. I wonder how we measure what is a good question and then how we track this.

There are already badges for Nice Topic for 10 likes, Good Topic for 25 likes and Great Topic for 50 likes.

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I also love forum badges :heart: They make you feel the progress in your actions, nevermind if you are a beginner or more advanced user. The gamification component on the forum was a great idea.
For me the most valuable was New User of the Month it makes you feel really special :wink: And bronze badge as well. But achieving some of them seems impossible for me for example: Crazy in Love :smiley:
At the moment I don’t have any idea for the new one…


I did think about taking up the Crazy in Love challenge. It’s only 1000 likes.

I definitely want to give more visibility to Badges.


In case you haven’t noticed, you can easily see other people’s badges (or your own) by clicking next to their pics

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