Introduce yourself here!


apologies for the tardy reply; I’ve had my head down on the current project. I have yet to try the evm package yet. We are finishing up our paper, and I have started to prototype some things for the project. When we move more fully into coding the MVP I will dig further into the evm packages, in hopes of using and providing some


Helllo there! I’m a javascript developer with an huge passion for games and blockchain. I just implemented my first ERC777 token, hope to help as a beta user and learn from you guys!


Awesome! What’s the paper about? You should check the List of EVM packages topic to see if there is an useful EVM package for your project. If not, consider making yourself one or maybe just posting an idea/request in the Suggestions for EVM package thread.

Welcome @gorlitzer! I think I’ve seen you in our Slack.
What kind of content or discussions would you like to see in the forum? :slight_smile:


:raised_hand: Hey there! My name is Amir, I am an independent smart contracts developer based in Moscow. Super excited about zOS and being part of the movement :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi there Amir! Welcome! We are excited to have you here. What lead you to hear about zOS? Do you have any project you are thinking about building on zOS?


What a picturesque story!


Good luck breaking stuff, it’s not easy!!


Awesome, interested to watch the progression and launch of Ocean!


Hello everyone! Happy to be here! My name is Harris and I’m from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am a Computer Science student in my second year of university but I find emerging technology far more interesting! When I am not completing my online coursework, I work for a decentralized crowdfunding startup in Philadelphia, Fanbase.

In my free time I contribute to a NFT Gaming dApp, Texel:

I spend the remaining sliver of free time developing a decentralized E-learning platform. It is still in its infancy but we are making rapid progress!

OpenZeppelin has been a tremendous aspect of my toolkit thus far, and I am glad to have recently discovered ZeppelinOS, as upgradability is a paramount concern as all of you know.

Looking forward to learning from the community!


Hello and welcome to the community pynchmeister! :smile:
Feel free to ask any questions or let us know if there is anything we can do to help out with using ZeppelinOS or OpenZeppelin.

Upgradability we think is going to be a huge driver for smart-contract development. Have you also taken a look at EVM packages? Basically, you can use them to create sharable building blocks of code that live on-chain and can be used as a package library. It’s very cool. I’ve just put up a new version of the tutorial that is set up for Truffle 5 and Solidity 5. Have a look!

I think you might find it interesting to go through as I suspect you might find it interesting to create your own EVM package to share!


Hey there! My name is Dave I’ve been doing solidity code for about a year and a half. Open Zepplin was the starting point for my project. I am working with a start up to try and tokenize real estate and promote shared equity between investors and homeowners to eliminate mortgages! Our MVP is up at on rinkeby network, wallets are managed by the server, But I think for the next version we are going to eliminate a lot of the server management, And keep the wallets on the client side.


Hey Guys,

My name is Gaurav, I am developer work on everything which I find interesting.

I run Coinmonks, A crypto focused non-profit educational publication . I also built CoinCodeCap.

I love Zeppelin and wrote a lot of articles about its usage on my medium blog.

Currently, I help businesses to create educational tech content and develop few things here and there. Learning, education, and building tools is what I thrive for.

I am here to ask so many questions :smile:


Hi I’m René (reneX) appasionate about BC technologies, proud father of two little boys that enjoys to see them grow, soccer player and lover of trekking and nature this is why I live in the Patagonia Argentina. Looking to contribute for the technology of the next software generation and always trying to improve myself. In 2019 hope to get involved in some exiting use case project of BC with real impact in our society.


Hey y’all
I’m Zach, and I work for a company named AlphaPoint and get paid to do BlockChain stuff. Mostly I just do JS development, but sometimes get a chance to delve into a bit of Smart Contract development with solidity and OZ. Happy to be here :slight_smile:


Hello @barrard! Great to know OpenZeppelin was of help :slight_smile:
Do you use it in your project too?

Hi @Coinmonks nice to see you here! I really liked your posts :zap:
Please, ask a lot of questions.

Hola @renexdev! Where in patagonia do you leave? I’m heading that way this saturday to visit my brother who lives in Bariloche.

I hope you can learn what you need to achieve your goals. Glad to meet you!

Welcome @zachlysobey! Happy to have you :slight_smile:


Hello friends! My name is Carlos and I live/work in New York. I’m lead blockchain engineer at a cool startup Mostly I develop blockchain solutions (wallets/custom contracts) and research new technologies to implement. I’ve used OpenZeppelin extensively and would like this forum to be my source of answers as well as place to share my knowledge. Cheers


Hi all! My name is Jan H. Scheufen.
I work for Monax and I’ve been writing Solidity code since 2015/2016. I’d love to get to know the community around OpenZeppelin more and contribute and learn.

Most of the Solidity I’ve written has been open sourced as part of the, in case anyone finds it useful:
It’s a large smart contract framework that we use on a dedicated (public-permissioned) blockchain to operate legal agreements.

I’d like to see the community move to adapt more reusable patterns and package management and I’d like to support that as much as possible.



My name is Damian and I live in Swidnik, Poland. I work as security consultant at SecuRing. I am responsible for security audits of blockchain related applications and smart contracts.

I have created the Ethereum Responsible Disclosure Messenger that you can hear more about at the second half of [my presentation] (

  • Why are you here?
    I am here to meet new people that are interested in the security of smart contracts.

  • Where are you from?
    Swidnik, Poland and wonder if anyone from near here.

  • How did you hear about Zeppelin?
    I found Ethernaut and loved it. I have heard about forum from Twitter.

  • What do you expect from the community?
    To share the knowledge and ideas.


Welcome! :smiley:
How long have you been with helbiz?

Hello! Welcome to the forum!
Wow, that’s an absolutely massive amount of contracts, I’ll be sure to check through some of these! How many have you written?

Hello Damian! Glad you joined!
The Disclosure Messenger is extremely useful, nice and straight forward site too! I dig it :smile:
How long have you been focusing on audits?


It’s about a year and a half.