Introduce yourself here!


Hi Ivan, I’ve probably written over 90% of that codebase over the course of 3 years. I’m currently finishing up upgradeable objects inspired by the “unstructured delegate proxy” pattern that is also used in ZeppelinOS (or at least based on a blog post of yours).

Cheers, Jan


Greetings Fran, hope you are doing well. Didn’t realize that this forum was only in English, so here I go again. I go by g.a., and I am writing from Venezuela. I am about to start developing a personal Smart Contract project. I have been reviewing OpenZeppelin code for about a week now and I have found them to be sound, secured, well documented and quite helpful; therefore I plan to reuse them. Would you have the time to help me with a couple of questions?


Welcome @jaureguino! Glad to have you here.

I’ll be happy to help with any questions. :smiley: The category #support:openzeppelin is the place to ask for help with OpenZeppelin. There’s not a lot of posts in there yet, so I’ll be more than happy to see you ask!


Thanks @frangio! I will be right over…


Hi everybody!

My name is Valentijn. I am an entrepreneur and startup fanatic from The Netherlands turned blockchain developer. Only really got to dive into the space ca. 8 months ago specifically focusing on building on top of Ethereum with smart contracts, currently finishing my Blockchain Developer Nanodegree study at Udacity, and focusing on building out my portfolio with some real-value blockchain based applications. I am super excited about the space and hope to become part of a great team in the upcoming months that’s building awesome stuff. Outside of the blockchain space I am semi-running a startup, enjoy practicing MMA, love hanging out with friends and family, and make music.

Great to see this community developing and growing! I wish you all the best with your studies and developments.

Take care,



Nice! Long time! Especially in this space haha

Wowww! Is that codebase from earlier mainly complete now?

Welcome bud! Best of luck on building that portfolio!
If you have any questions for us feel free to post them in the proper sub-category :slight_smile:


Hi, My name is John from durban, south africa. I have been interested in blockchain for the last 2 years and been experimenting with solidity. I read about openzeppelin in the mastering ethereum book. It is a really good idea and I want to contribute.


Thanks! I’ve been with Helbiz almost 6 months now. It’s been a fun time :slight_smile:


Saludos a todos!!, mi nombre Jorge, soy de córdoba, Argentina y soy nuevo en este tema de los contratos inteligentes.
Quiero saber de alguien que sepa de seguridad de un contrato que ya realizamos copiando algunos códigos y ya hay un token de muestra usando el mismo código que queremos auditar.
Saludos cordiales a todos.


Hello, my name is Gaspar Medina from Montevideo Uruguay. I’m working in Infuy as a software engineer and learn this world of smart contracts, blockchain and also zeppelin.


Bienvenido! Estas buscando un auditor?

Welcome! :slight_smile: Feel free to ask for support in the relevant subcategories :slight_smile:


I am a developer in a block chain company in Korea. I am making dapp using the openzepplin library. I am getting a lot of help from the openzepplin library. Thanks a lot to zepplin developers.


Hi :slight_smile:
My name is Paulina and I live in Lodz, Poland. For over a year I work as a smart contract developer in a start-up and I think you’re doing a great job in Zeppelin. I’m an economist by profession (a few years ago I even graduated from PhD studies but I quit writing my doctoral thesis, stating that this is not what I want to do). Then I fell in love with programming and here I am. I find a real flow in coding, finding solutions, learning new things and practising yoga.


Hi all! My Name is Phillip Lorenzo, I’m from San Diego (by way of Miami) and I am the Technical Writer for XYO. I also assist with smart contract development. I found ZeppelinOS after an amazing weekend at ETHDenver. Santiago and Dennison were awesome.

Looking forward to learning with you all!