Introduce yourself here!


hello guys, this is Massimo from Switzerland.
always worked on cloud computing systems and virtualization. Since some time going deeper with truffle/embark for smart contracts. Here for sharing and exchanging
Thank you


Hey everyone,
My name’s Thanh-Quy Nguyen. I’m a French developer from Paris. I first started developing in Solidity about a year ago, after losing all my assets in cryptocurrencies :stuck_out_tongue:
Before that, I was a JavaScript developer, mostly in React.js and React Native, and I started to learn Solidity first on (probably one of the best tutorials ever).
They of course mentioned OpenZeppelin in that tutorial and that’s how I discovered the community, first on Slack and now here!


Hello Kseniya! Welcome to the forum! :slightly_smiling_face:
Feel free to ask any questions in #support :smiley:

Welcome @mssmx! If you’d like to participate please do :slight_smile:

Hello! Thanks for joining! I’ve heard great things about cryptozombies :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone :wave:t4: !

I’m Kevin. I’ve been a crypto nerd since 2017 and I’m currently learning the Japanese language as well as front end development. I currently work with a few companies in the space in various capacities but my work mostly consists of marketing and community management.

It’s a pleasure to meet all of you. :pray:t4:


Hi @kevcas nice to meet you! What brings you to the community? :slight_smile:


Hello all,
This is Akhil, full stack developer-turned-blockchain developer. Based in India-Kerala. Excited to be a part of this group :slight_smile:

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Hi, my name is Sergei.
I am from Phoenix, AZ :snake::sun_with_face::lizard::cactus:
l first learned about OpenZeppelin when I doing a research about the implementation of smart contracts.
I am here to know more about using OpenZeppelin libraries for writing smart contracts.

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Hello Martin,

I have a question about combining OpenZeppelin libraries with custom made smart contracts.
Where is a good place to do ask?

Thank you,

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Welcome! Thanks for joining :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Sergei! Welcome :grin: If you have any questions feel free to ask in #support :slight_smile:


Welcome @AkhilVinayakMS! What brings you to the community?

Hello Sergei!


Hi, I’m Onyedika from Nigeria. Well I don’t have a job but am in interested in building smart contract technologies using Javascript. Heard about zeppelin on Github. It’s a pleasure to be here.


Welcome kasodon!! Thanks for joining :grin:
Have you used Zeppelin’s tools before?

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No Ivan, can you please put me through?


Hi everyone!

My name is Tom, I’m from New York. I have a start-up company called Ok Cool Games Inc. that is focused on exploring technology that empowers gamers. It’s a privilege to be here. There is so much to learn about smart contract development. I trust Zeppelin will continue to instill more confidence in developers and encourage us all to learn more about security. Really good stuff.


Sure thing! We have 2 main tools, OpenZeppelin which serves as a framework of secure and reusable smart contracts, ZeppelinOS which is a development platform aimed to make upgrading smart contracts much simpler :smile:

Welcome!! There is definitely a lot to learn :smiley:, what experience do you have with Solidity and smart contracts in general?


Hi, thanks Ivan! I have had experience incorporating OpenZeppelin smart contracts, which have been immensely helpful. I would love to learn more about ZeppelinOS, as that seems to be a big problem solver for upgrade-ability. Definitely need to spend more time focusing on that. I will also take the opportunity to browse around this forum.

I heard there may also be a section where I can find help on smart contract auditing – maybe third-party smart contract auditors, vetted by Zeppelin, seeking work?

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Thank you! We’re always glad to hear of people using our frameworks :slight_smile:
Zeppelin doesn’t formally recommend any auditors although we do perform professional audits ourselves :smile:

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Hello Martin, thanks for creating this space. I’m Alan, originally from Mexico but living in Paris atm :fr:
I’m a complete beginner with Solidity, but I hope I can become a pro in less than a month (bar too high? :sweat_smile:).

I heard about you guys at a site called “cryptozombies” and I’ve somehow become a fan all of a sudden lol. What I expect from the community is for it to thrive and become a space of support for all blockchain enthusiasts. :star_struck:


Hi @Bleier, welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Do you have any experience as a developer? what are you now learning?

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I’m a hardware designer/firmware engineer by trade but have some dApp development experience. I’m looking to dive into Zepplin’s dev platform and token frameworks to refresh myself with what’s currently going on in the dApp space and get back into building some stuff. Excited to learn with you all.

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