What are you working on?

Hi @coinmonks Crytofi looks interesting, thanks for sharing. Reminds me of a product that I saw last year in Alpha called TokenBooks.


That’s one of the possibilities that Featly introduces :slight_smile: People can transfer their points (tokens) to other users or change for other tokens on the token exchange.

I am finishing the 1st semester at the beginning of July and the whole studies in February 2020.

It is a busy time - in particular, it’s not easy because I’m sick right now :wink:


Wish you better @paulinablaszk


Great question @bugduino, answered best by @spalladino:

One of the main questions that pops up is whether upgradeability goes against the immutability principles of a blockchain. After all, one of the main advantages of building on top of a smart contract is having an unmodifiable agreement among the parties involved.

The key here is that these two concepts are not incompatible between each other: ZeppelinOS provides the tools to have upgradeable smart contracts, which follow the immutability rules guaranteed by the Ethereum blockchain. However, it is desirable to have a mechanism that allows all parties involved to decide on whether a contract should be upgraded or not, instead of having an unilateral decision.

That’s when another part of the big picture comes up, which is the project governance . Even though ZeppelinOS allows for an account to upgrade some of the smart contracts that comprise an application, that doesn’t mean that such account is centrally controlled. A project could enforce any kind of rules for deciding how and when to upgrade their code.

To illustrate such a scenario, in this post we’ll go through one of the most canonical examples of decentralized governance: a multisignature wallet (or multisig , for short). Keep in mind that this could be generalized to any kind of contract, with rules as complex as needed, depending on the governance requirements of your project.


Among other things, I am trying to grok the emerging ERC-1400 token standard, and could use help understanding how to deploy via Remix:

https://github.com/open-esq/Digital-Organization-Designs/blob/master/ERC1400.sol :pray:


Hi @Ro5s welcome to the community.

Suggest you create a new topic in #support and give some detail on what you are attempting to do and what problem you are facing in deploying.

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Hey @demibrener @maraoz what are you working on these days? :slight_smile: